Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here we go...

Hello all! This is a blog I set up to capture all of my many adventures while studying abroad in Costa Rica. I cannot believe the day is finally here, but I am leaving in less than 24 hours to spend 108 days abroad. I am beyond excited, nervous, hopeful, anxious, and pretty much every other emotion one can imagine. One of the aspects of the Teaching Fellows program at Elon that I loved while I was a senior in high school was our opportunity to study abroad, but who knew the past year and a half would have flown by like it did. Everyone keeps reminding me that I will come back a whole new person and will change in ways I can't even imagine -what a scary thought; to change in ways I can't even imagine. While I have hardly anything packed and a million errands to run, I think I am ready. I am ready to open my eyes, mind, and heart to a new culture.

I hope others may enjoy my journey of self discovery, cultural connections, and amazing adventure. In Costa Rica, the main goal of all locals is to live the "pure life" meaning one that is simple and enjoyable. I can only dream of capturing such a spectacular life philosophy during my stay, so...Pura Vida!


  1. Love is the food of life, but travel is the eat up, girl!

    I'm pretty sure I still have some Wrangler friends in the area, so let me know if you ever want me to delve into that. We will be praying for you!

  2. How awesome this experience is going to be for you! We'll be praying for you during your travels. Be sure to tell us specific ways we can pray! Have a great time and may God bless you and keep you safe.
    ~The Castleberry's

  3. Hey Jessica,
    First let me say how proud we are of you and what you are and will achieve. We will be praying for you to have safe travels. May you make long lasting friendships along the way. Enjoy your trip and take in all that you can. Post pictures as you can so we can travel along with you.
    Randy, Kim, Cassie and Jessie