Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting back into the Tican routine has been much easier than I thought it would have been. I am thankful everyday for how comfortable I feel in my Tican home, at school, and with the Spanish language. I have loved hearing all of my classmates stories from Spring Break and to be able to hang out with everyone once again. We are all excited for our trip to Nicaragua this weekend. Although, I am a bit hesitant to cross a border on a bus. I know I will be surrounded by people that love me and are supportive.
I also am in love with my Spanish class. Caroline, Jessie, and I have such a great time. Now that we aren't having to worry so much about grammar lessons, we get to talk and just enjoy the language. Yesterday we had to give oral presentations about our spring break. I ended up speaking for 25 minutes! It's so much fun to just enjoy each others company. After Spanish class today, all of the education majors had to attend a speaker about the education system here in Costa Rica. The speaker only spoke Spanish. Linda came in to translate, but I didn't even need her to. It was actually more annoying than helpful, but not everyone in our class is on the same level so she had to. The speaker enjoyed us so much that he invited us to attend seminar classes he instructs each Thursday. The seminars are about Special Education and conducted in all Spanish. I think several of us are going to go and I am super excited!

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