Friday, April 17, 2009

It has been nearly another normal week in Costa Rica. The results came back from my tests at the hospital; the doctor found evidence in my blood that I have worms. I don't really know alot of details about the whole situation because Linda talked to him on the phone. He perscribed a strong medicine (only two pills) that is supposed to kill them off. However, I haven't seen the progress that I was supposed to have seen by now. I am still having a great deal of pain after I eat - I just want to get better. I do know that if it isn't treated quickly, there can be great danger; it's been just about 2 1/2 weeks of this now which is concerning. Keep praying!
I have just been running around San Jose in my free time to all of the different markets and restuarants. I even made a trip to a used book store to buy some books in Spanish to help me practice this summer. Mike, Eric, Charley, and I went to a Yoga class this afternoon as part of our last stitch efforts to dive into our environment here. It was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it; the boys were in some pain, but liked it too. I am sure it will be much more relaxing next time - it was a bit difficult to learn the positions, translate the Spanish, and balance all at the same time.
Today was my last day working at Escuela Betania. I am glad that I am finished because it certainly was stressful. I learned today that there aren't any substitute teachers. For example, the third grade teacher had to go to a worship service at her church today, so the third grade didn't have school today. It isn't until a teacher will miss a week of school that the Ministry of Education looks for someone to help cover the class. It is just incredibly different here.

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