Wednesday, May 13, 2009

home is where the heart is.

I just turned in my last assignment of the semester. I feel relieved to be finished with all of my school work, sad at the realization that it really is ending, happy to be able to enjoy my family and the city the next few days, and overwhelmed at the thought of returning to the States.

Last night I was a penguin waddling in my living room, a princess dancing in the kitchen, a student names Paula learning in my bedroom, and a roller coast running throughout the house. I love Ana Lucia's imagination. We always have so much fun playing together.

We have a closing banquet tonight and we are all just going to run around seeing a few more sights, enjoying our favorite places, and taking in as much of this country as we can before we have to leave. I can't describe how it feels to know I am leaving a new home in Costa Rica to go back to my home in the United States.

I refuse to pack yet.

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