Friday, May 15, 2009

I am sitting here in MesoAmerica for the last time. Weird. I can't really focus on anything in the future, as much as I want to see my friends and family, but how much I am leaving behind.
Our closing banquet was fabulous. It was at Ram Luna which is a restaurant up in the mountains over looking San Jose. The city looked gorgeous all lit up at night and it brougth to tears thinking that was the home I had created for the past four months. The food and dancing were traditional which was fabulous. However, it was more fabulous to sit at a huge table with the 15 other students I have experienced this with and know that I can call each a friend and that we have a special bond that cannot be recreated.
Yesterday, Caroline and I traveled back to Cartago and Orossi. It was a great last adventure to run around and be tourists. That night I played with Ana Lucia for four hours straight. We have been playing whatever game we can invent every spare moment we have. I am going to miss her giggle and that bright smile of hers.
Today, Jessie and I traveled back downtown to San Jose for the last time. Correction - the last time this semester. I will definitely be back to Costa Rica. We also made sure to get a casado (rice, beans, plantains, salad, eggs, and a fresh juice). It's really hard to say goodbye to all of our favorite things, places, and people.
I am going home tonight to love on my family and pack up. I haven't packed anything yet, I refuse. I can't admit that I am actually leaving my home here.

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