Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Once again I had an amazing weekend. Nothing we had planned happened, but all of the surprises were lovely. Mark, Charley, Mike, Wini, Martha, and myself were planning to go to Jaco for the beach. We could have left Thursday, but decided to wait until Friday afternoon so that we may finish up some final projects. The boys took a taxi and the girls took a taxi downtown to the bus station. We were right on time, so the girls got on the bus. However, before the boys got there the bus pulled away! We didn't know what to do, so we figured we could just meet them in Jaco. We got to Jaco, found a hotel for the 6 of us, shopped a little, and then went to the bus station the boys should have been getting off at. We waited, the bus from San Jose and the boys didn't get off. So, we went back to the hotel, got dressed up, and went out to dinner. None of us had cell phones or any means to communicate with each other, so we just had to let it go and hope they were safe. We met some really fun people and hung out that night. The next day we went shopping and out to lunch at this Taco bar. You were served just tortilla and meat and then you went up to the bar and put all of the toppings you wanted. The best part was that the seats were swings! You could swing while you waited for your food, it was just a really fun atmostphere. That afternoon was not that sunny, so we didn't even make it out to the beach. Unfortunately, Martha fell down the stairs at our hotel. She was hysterically crying and in a lot of pain, so we decided we needed to come back home to San Jose that night.
Sunday, I woke up to a giant breakfast with my entire Tico family. We had scrambled eggs, gallo pinto, bread & jelly, and cantelope. It was so nice to have one last huge breakfast with them since during the week all of us are running around getting ready for school. That afternoon I went to the mall with Eric and then to the internet cafe to get some more work done. It was just a normal relaxing day.
This week so far has been crazy! We are trying to run around town and see all of the sights one last time. And on top of that we have massive amounts of work to do and we need to prepare for our final exams. It's just a really busy time, but we are savoring these last few precious days because our lives as we know it are about to change as return to the States.

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