Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am living quite the Tican life now. I haven't the desire to be on my computer or watch television. I don't want to eat anything greasy or that is quickly prepared. I crave rice. I enjoy my 40 minute walk to and from school each morning. Meeting people on the bus is lovely. Waking up with the sun adds so much life to a day. I THINK IN SPANISH. It doesn't bother me to not flush toilet paper. I notice how beautiful nature is. I read El Nacional (thier newspaper) each morning. I can't imagine a meal without drinking fresh juice.

Yesterday was quite eventful. There were three earthquakes, but I only felt two of them. The first I was sitting at lunch and felt the ground shake, I ask Eric if he noticed and he said it was only him moving his chair around. False. The other eathquake I felt was later in the afternoon and the ceiling rattled. We are all safe though. It's scary to think how out of no where the earth shakes. It was also interesting to see the people of Costa Rica and their reactions. Many went into panic as in January they experienced a huge earthquake. Then last night I went to my first official soccer game. I say official as we have watched and played in many pick up games throughout the country. Saprissa is our local team for San Pedro and they played Liberia. The stadium wasn't nearly full, but there was still so much energy in the stands. It's crazy to see an entire community in come together to celebrate their team. This isn't like anything in the States. Even though I hadn't previously been a soccer fan, I got really into it - yelling in both English and Spanish. Overall, it was a great day! But, what day isn't great here?

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