Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterday was a really hard day -out of no where I got really homesick. I had been fine the past 4 1/2 weeks, but then I thought how I have 14 more weeks left. That's kind of a lot. I feel much better now. Being homesick was actually a blessing. I got to understand the support system I have here in Costa Rica. All of the other students in my group checked on me to make sure I was feeling okay, even those that I am not terribly close to. It was so nice to know that even those who I wouldn't consider one of my closest friends, I am able to open up to and have a genuine conversation with. Conversation is so important for the human soul. I also got to connect with my host family a bit more. They could tell I was sad and asked all about my day. My sister and I watched a movie (it was in German and the subtitles were in Spanish which was a bit tough..) which was nice. Then this morning my mom made me apple-pancakes for breakfast to cheer me up and they were so delicious.

It's getting harder to stay connected with people back home and other friends I have abroad. The only time I have internet access is during the day. Now that we are all so comfortable living here, the time in between and after classes we want to spend walking around the city. This isn't completely a bad thing, I am just a bit worried about what it will be like when I return to the States in a few months.

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