Friday, March 20, 2009

Today I had my fourth practicum at Escuela Betania. While the kids may be behaving slightly better and the English workbooks have arrived from the Ministry of Education, the school still isn't a place for great amounts of learning. I am dumbfounded everytime I leave by what I experience. I know it's making me a stronger future teacher and individual, but it's hard sometimes to recognize it in the moment. I am excited to buy school supplies for my cooperating teacher to use. Linda is giving me some money from our budget to purchase things that the students need, such as pencils. It's crazy to think these students need so badly basic pencils. I can remember when I was in Elementary school I had to have the best kind of pencils and wanted all of my school supplies to match...what a different world we live in in the United States.

Time has flown by so fast and it is already time for spring break. I am so excited! Eric and I are traveling to Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. I feel confident in my planning and Spanish ability - I am sure it's going to be a great trip! I can't wait to return home to Costa Rica and tell everyone all about our exciting adventure of a lifetime. :)

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