Friday, March 6, 2009

It has been the ongoing joke since we arrived in San Jose that we are all in the 5th grade. it started with us waiting to be picked up at school by our moms and having them walk us to school the next day. Then we all proceeded to wear backpacks everywhere and plastic watches because we don't have cell phones to tell us the time. We ate what was put in front of us and had minimal conversation due to lack of vocabulary. All of our outward activity pointed to an awkward 11 year old.
However, in our reading for GST I came across a quote that explains this better. In the story, "The Chumico Tree," boys are playing a game in the dirt. The author writes, "Each hour turns into a whiff of time, a triumphant cry, a wild joy." He was referring to the joys of childhood games. Our time here is flying by and filled with similar joys. We get excited to go to the grocery store and are proud when we ride the bus by ourselves. How lovely it is to feel free and be continuously excited by the "small things" in life.

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