Monday, February 16, 2009

Hammock #3

This past weekend in one word was rejuvenating. I have never before felt so alive and calm at the same time... A group of about 15 of us traveled down to Puerto Viejo this weekend. It's a small, hippie, beach town on the Caribbean side. We left our neighborhood at 5:15am to make the 5 hour ride to the beach, some of the group left the night before, but I stayed home to hang out with my family some because I hadn't been home all week hardly. When we arrived we paid $6 to rent bikes for the whole weekend. This was the main transportation there ever though the roads were far less than well maintained and had so many potholes. We unloaded all of our stuff in our lockers at the hostile, threw our bathing suits on, and went straight to the beach. The sun was so much hotter than any beach in America. We stayed at the beach the rest of the day.
I have to desribe the hammock hostel because it is unlike anyplace I have ever been, let alone slept at. There weren't any walls anywhere, the pathways, sides of bathrooms and such were lined with colorful mosaic tile. We slept in a hammock for $5 a night. There were two large areas with about 50 hammocks in each. Everyone who stayed there were all so nice and from all different walks of life. I loved talking to new people and hearing all about where they had been and where they are going.
Saturday morning we got up to go to a surf competition down the road. It was so cool to see people doing what they absolutely love to do. I got a competition t-shirt and felt like I belonged (not really!), kind of. That afternoon it rained so we played cards and took naps. Rocking in a hammock and listening to the rain and waves crash made for the best nap I have ever had in my life. It was Valentine's day so we went to get dinner from a lady who was grilling skewers out of the back of her truck. It's so weird to think that last year I got all dressed up and went to B. Christopher's for dinner and this year I ate off the side of the road and hadn't even showered in two days.
Puerto Viejo was so far from anything I have ever experienced before that it pushed me in a whole other realm of living that is completely unexpected. To meet so many people without a care in the world was inspiring. I am so glad I took a chance, let my guard down, and truly experienced life this weekend.

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