Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mi vida

I am sorry I haven't updated in a while, this weekend/week has been crazy. Because I have so much to say, I am going to write in bullet points and you may pick and choose what you would wish to read. Or if you really love me, you can read the whole thing. :)

Thursday night I went wtih Eric, Rebecca, and my professor & her daughter to the National Theatre. We saw The Dream which was performed by the International Ballet Company. The show was good, but not at all like what I was expecting. The curtains opened to a rock band and a single metal ring hanging from the ceiling. It was more of a mix of modern, cirque de soleil, ballet, and rock. The theatre itself was absolutely breathtaking and I am glad I got to experience going to a show here like I do in America.

Friday night we all tried to go bowling, but it was a 40 minute wait. After an hour and a half of playing pool, the lanes still weren't ready so we left. We all went to this little resturaunt in our neighborhood which, of course, was delicious. We met some other Americans studying in Costa Rica for the semester. It's so much fun to meet new people!
Saturday for lunch a few of us had a picnic at this, what we call, a chicken hut. It's a rotissiere chicken resturaunt that is open to the outdoors. Four of us bought a whole chicken, that came with tortillas, chips, and juice for lunch. It was so delicious! The man at the resturaunt really enjoyed our company and enjoyed talking with us for a bit.

After our chiknic, we went to the Children's Museum. The building used to be a prison and then was turned into a museum a few years ago. All of us were immediately taken back by how pretty the outside was, it looked like an old castle and as we walked through the front hall it was as though each of us lost 10 years and were little kids again. It was so much fun to go through the exhibits which were all in Spanish and play the different activities. We got some great pictures.

Saturday night my family got school supplies ready for Ana Lucia. We decorated a folder and an old shoe box to put an extra change of clothes in for her to keep at school. It's always so impressive to me the different ways people down here conserve all of their resources. Nothing ever goes to waste.

This park demostrates all four land types here in Costa Rica. I didn't really enjoy it as I thought we were in a park viewing lands that we were living in, which is just a bit silly to me.

I went to Catholic mass with my family Sunday night. It was all in Spanish and the priest spoke rather fast. I concentrated really hard, which is certainly the way I should pay in church all of the time, in order to understand. I also had to copy my family in their actions with standing, sitting, and kneeling. I am so glad I went and I think my Tican parents were glad I went aswell.

My classes are getting a bit tougher with certainly a lot more work. It's so hard to sit inside at a table when I look outside and see a gorgeous landscape. I just want to be outside and play all day!

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