Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just yesterday I was boasting about the fact I had spent five days in Costa Rica without eating one, single bean. Which is impressive since all of my classmates had eaten them constantly. I suppose God was listening, as last night for dinner I ate bean soup and this morning I was served the tradition pinto gallo (rice & beans) for breakfast. Both weren't as bad as I was expecting, but will take time to enjoy. The food is completely different in taste and texture than similar foods in the US. I was trying to explain to my Tican mom the differences, but it's difficult; something just must be observed or tried for oneself.
It been a bit tough adjusting to having classes as well as being in a foreign country where everyone is so relaxed. We just want to hang out and walk around town, but eventually we force ourselves to do our homework. I love having Spanish class first thing in the morning. We have it Monday - Thursday for a little over an hour each day. Our professor is amazing and it is only myself and Caroline in the class, so it is basically private tutoring. I get so excited when I go home each night and can use new words with my family and make less gramatical errors. I am also taking an Environmental Science class. The professor is so passionate about her field area and it certainly translates into her lectures. She also used to be an Elementary school teacher and says that some of her class can be translated to use in our future classrooms. Aside from Education class that I start next week, I am taking an upper level Global Studies class. In this class we are examing the Tican culture and state of the country. Our assignments inculde journals, observations, and research; all of which are going to be appreciated when I return to the US and want to remember all that I encountered.
Today was kind of a gross day; it's very windy, about 75 degrees, andit rained this morning. For the first time we took the bus instead of making the 30 minute walk to school. This turned out to be wonderful as we made a new friend! I walk everyday to school with Mark, who lives five houses down from me, and we were chatting on the bus about our classes. Well, this girl tapped him on the shoulder and asked us where we were from - in English! It turns out there is a group from University of California school system taking classes at the University of Costa Rica. We exchanged names and told each other where we live and are planning on hanging out. It's not that easy to make new friends when you don't have a cell phone number to give them for them to call. I am sure we will see her again soon, as she lives near our neighborhood.
I wake up each day (at 5:45am on my own, without an alarm, and not really tired) so excited for all of the things I will experience in the day. I feel as though my outlook on life and daily happenings is so positive and all of the glory goes to God.

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  1. dear jessica,
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    miss you,
    love, laura