Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Otra Vez

Last night was by far my favorite night in San Pedro. I have gotten in the routine of leaving school at 5pm to get home with 20 minutes before dinner. I do my Spanish homework and then join the rest of the family for dinner at 6. Last night we had delicious carrot, avacado, and potato soup with crackers. The crackers were the first packaged food I have seen in my house since my mom makes everything from scratch. After dinner, my mom taught me how to cook Picadillos de Papas. It's a very typical dish in Costa Rica and is served with beans, rice, or tortillas. It has about 10 ingredients ranging from meat to cilantro to a chili paste only found here. With so many ingredients to be chopped and prepared it is quite labor intensive, but she told me it was the easiest dish to make. It's the first dish her mom taught her to cook and she was excited to teach me how to cook. It actually turned out to be very tasty and my brother was impressed. After cleaning up a bit, I played with Ana Lucia. We played soccer, hide & seek, basketball, and wtih our teddy bears. It was so much fun and I loved learning new words from her. When she had settled down a bit (she did start Kindergarten this week, so she's been more ready for bed), we put her pajamas on and watched "Quien Quiere Ser Millario" (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) with the rest of my family. It's brand new to Costa Rica and is the latest craze. It was so much fun to try and interpret and answer the questions. I even got the 1.000.000 colones question right! My family was surprised.
The best part of the whole night was finally feeling like I belong here. I have felt a great sense of belonging at school with all of my classmates, but hadn't quite got there with my family. I am so glad to have been able to connect with my family as much as I have.

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