Thursday, February 12, 2009

National Museum

Today has been so nice. We only had Spanish class today, where we played a trivia game and listened to Shakira (all in Spanish, of course), and then for our global studies class we went to the National Museum in San Jose. I was astounded by the museum, it was full of so much history I knew hardly anything about. I just wanted to read every placard and examine every artifact. I am for sure going back later, and probably by myself, so I can spend however much time I want walking though. It was interesting to see the paralells to some of the history museums I went to last winter term on history study tour. For a while, it felt like I was walking through Ellis Island again - especially in the prison area. There were sad pictures on the wall and all of this graffiti that was so detailed.
I was most surprised to find that all of the tags on the walls speaking of historical events were in both Spanish and English. I felt like a guest in their (Tican) museum and should be expected to read in Spanish. Mostly because that is our philosophy in America - if you come to our country, you should speak our language. I ask Stephani,who is our middle-man type of person between our school here and Costa Rica, about how Ticans felt having English becoming a more promenant language in their country. She said it was fine because that way more people could understand what occurred here in Costa Rica. It interests me to find the parallels in what America is going through with immigrants and how Costa Rica is dealing with the same issues. I am pretty sure I am doing my final global studies project on immigration.
We are headed off to Puerto Vieja this weekend and I am so excited! It's a beach on the Carribean side of the country and is supposed to be beautiful. I am sleeping in a hammock hostel, which I am kind of nervous about, but we are all doing it together, which means it'll be fun. :)

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