Thursday, February 19, 2009


I can remember how in the US I used to get so frustrated with people speaking Spanish because I thought they were mumbling. It was much harder to understand their Spanish and it was a lot more frustrating. However, now that I have been speaking with lots of different people here and learning the language in a whole new way I have come to believe otherwise. The Spanish language lends itself to said "mumbling." The words are formed to blend together and roll easily across one's tongue. I love it. I love talking to new people on the bus, a taxi driver, a shop owner, or a person on the street.

It seems as though everyone from America's favorite saying from Costa Rica is "pura vida." It means "great" and Ticans use it in almost every conversation for all sorts of reasons. My favorite saying has become "con gusto." This means "with pleasure" and Ticans say it as a sort of your welcome. I am astounded at the graciousness of the people and that every act is done "con gusto." I am trying to make it sort of my challenge to do all that I do for others with pleasure and feel genuinely so in my heart.

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